House Concert: Beethoven As He Heard His Music

Thursday, September 10, 2020 - 5:30pm
Private Home

Ludwig van Beethoven:

from Sonata No. 4 in A Minor, op. 23

Bagatelle op. 119, No. 2 in C Major

from Sonata No. 1 in F Major, op. 5, no.1

Bagatelle  op.119, No. 1 in G Minor

from Sonata No. 5 in F Major, op. 24 (“Spring”)

Bagatelle op. 126, No. 2 in G minor

from Sonata No. 5 in D Major, op.102, no. 2

Bagatelle op. 119,  No. 6 in G major

from Trio No. 1 in E-flat major, Op. 1

Event Description: 

The Beethoven celebration moves to a “salon” in one of Moab’s beautiful private homes, where  artists perform on the instruments for which Beethoven wrote. A fortepiano, much different from the modern piano, and string instruments using gut strings and early bows, reveal the secrets of Beethoven’s music to electrifying effect. The performance is followed by a delicious meal and lively conversation with artists and other audience members.

Tickets: $300

$150 of the ticket price is tax-deductible. Proceeds benefit in part the MMF Education & Engagement Programs.

Ages 16 and above.

This ticket is not available online. To reserve your seat, please call the box office at 435.259.7003.

In the event that the 2020 Festival is cancelled, tickets are refundable or may be donated for tax credit.

If the 2020 festival occurs, tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Program and artists are subject to change without notice.