Open Rehearsal at Star Hall

Saturday, September 7, 2019 - 1:00pm
Star Hall

Brahms, Johannes: String Sextet No.2, Op. 36, in G Major (40:00) 

    Allegro non troppo

   Scherzo. Allegro non troppo - Presto giocoso

   Poco Adagio

   Poco Allegro

       Mills I, Yang II, L. Tomkins I, How II, T. Tomkins, Newman

Clarinet Quintet, Op. 115 (35:00)   Reh 3 x 90 min



  Con moto

      Fitterstein, Wu I, Lee  II, How, T. Tomkins

Event Description: 

Get an insider's view of how musicians work to create a concert. This will be a rehearsal of the music to be performed on the Music Hike IV, on September 8.

This is a free open rehearsal.

No tickets required.