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July 2019

There are outdoor concerts and then there are concerts in the outdoors. The Moab Music Festival is an event that has perfectly combined music with the surrounding landscape and invites guests to come along for one-of-a-kind performances.

May 2019

"Perhaps the most unique concert event in the country, this festival sees esteemed musicians from around the world performing outdoors inside stunning red rock venues. You simply have to see—and hear—it to believe it." 

January 2019

In 2018, the Moab Music Festival was joined by Fred Child and Performance Today. Click the links below to watch Fred's video clips from his visit to the Festival. 

Visiting the Moab Music Festival 

Reflections on the Moab Music Festival 

Moab Music Festival Ranch Concert

August 2016

Lynn Rogers remembers a night listening to the notes of famous musicians echo off the sandstone walls flanking the Colorado River during the Moab Music Festival. As Béla Fleck and Chick Corea played after a wonderful meal, the Rio Rancho, N.M., music lover reveled in the moment, surrounded by beautiful music and spectacular scenery. The night ended with fireworks. Rogers and her husband, Kirk Benson, will be returning for the 24th season of the Moab festival, which runs Thursday through Sept. 12. It will be the fourth such visit for the couple.

August 2016

Are you looking to embrace nature’s true beauty, while enjoying incredible concerts performed by world-class classical, latin, world music and jazz musicians? If so, the renowned Moab Music Festival is the place for you. 

August 2016

A land of sculpted sandstone canyons, Eastern Utah is a popular destination for exploring majestic locals such as Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. This area is also the backdrop for the Moab Music Festival, September 1-12, which promises "music in concert with the landscape." 

July 2016

Located at the gateway to Utah’s Arches and Canyonlands national parks, the Moab music festival puts on 17 concerts of chamber music, jazz and Latin sounds on ranches, in private homes and at various outdoor settings...

July 2016

Attendees take a 45-minute jet boat ride down the Colorado river during this festival...Along with traditional classical fare, the programme includes jazz and Latin sounds on ranches, in private homes and at various outdoor settings, not least a towering red-rock grotto inside Canyonlands.

July 2016


Each year, hundreds of summer music festivals pull out all the stops, showcasing great works performed by stellar artists in spectacular settings. At 21CM, we want all that and something we decided to put together a set of leisurely summer music festival road trips, chosen for their diversity of musical experience, geography and timeline...The Moab Music Festival is a leader in inviting the natural world to be part of the performance.